April 14, 2012

Times, they are a-changin'

My guys and I watched War Games the other night.  Remember that '80s Matthew Broderick movie?  It was pre-Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  (Which is my mom's all-time favorite movie, in case you're writing these things down to share with the tabloids when she becomes famous for her buffet eatery superheroing.) 

Matthew Broderick was a cutie.  (Is it just me or did he actually get shorter in the past couple decades?)  Tree Guy and I got a kick out of how much has changed since that movie came out.  During one scene, he actually had to tell Nature Boy, "That's called a telephone booth, son." 

I don't think I'd even heard of computers before that movie.  They seemed magical and mysterious and just a wee bit threatening.  People must still be scared of computers, because nearly 3 decades later, filmmakers are still making COMPUTERS TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! movies.

I find it strange when kids think I'm old.  I don't feel old.  In fact, I feel younger than I probably should.  I am a 37-year-old woman who still plays practical jokes and wears goofy wigs.  And now I've added rapping on the Internet to my list of er, accomplishments.  Clearly there is something wrong with me.  Still, you'd think being considered old would be less of a surprise for me, what with all the arthritis and whatnot. 

Yesterday I was at Shrinky Dink's house and her oldest daughter made a comment about blending families and the practicalities of sharing space with step-siblings.  She's a girl who likes to have it all figured out (read: run the show), so although her mom's not even engaged, she's already called dibs on a bedroom in their (non-existent) big, new, custom-built house.  Which will be painted purple and have bean bag chairs, I'm told. 

I played along, mainly because Shrinky Dink makes really good coffee and I wasn't done with my cup.  So I likened the big blended family thing to The Brady Bunch.  And she just looked at me blankly.  I said, "You do know what The Brady Bunch is, right?"  And she said no and walked away because my old ass was boring her.

Why, back in my day, children didn't walk away from a conversation with an adult until they were dismissed!  Hooligan!


  1. Okay, I know that every generation has it's cultural gap, but for realz, them young peoples have been greatly disturbing me lately in the not getting my references. And I think the gap is wider than it used to be because of technology. I'm only 29, but my 21 year old friend doesn't understand half of my references. It's REALLY disturbing. Sigh.

  2. HAHA...I know you you feel...I'm a 37 year old, too - and I'm confused on how I'm closer to 40 than 30. I LOVED War Games. Please tell me you had high hair in high school too?!