April 21, 2012

If You Give a Boxer Ear Drops

If you give a boxer ear drops,

he'll probably shake that big box-head all over the place.

Then you'll have ear drops all over you,

which is particularly problematic if you wear glasses.

If you drive home from the vet right afterward,

you'll also have ear drops all over your car.

But there are no windshield wipers inside your car,

so visibility might be poor on your drive home.

If you make it home safe and sound,

you might want to change clothes.

Or even take a shower.

Used ear drops do not smell very fresh.

If you shower and change your clothes,

your boxer will likely shake that big box-head all over you again.

In protest.

Which is understandable.

If this is, indeed, a boxer we're talking about,

you'll probably also have drool flung far and wide.

Their giant, droopy lips do not contain it.

You'll have to use a towel to sop up the mess.

If you used the last clean towel,

you'll have to wash a load of towels for future use.

Because these ear drops must be given once a day,

for the next fourteen days.

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  1. You should definitely submit this manuscript to the publishing house of "If you give a mouse a cookie...." I loved this (: