April 19, 2012

Shite happens.

Today's dose of humor comes to you via my hard-working husband, Tree Guy. 

Tree Guy's a utility forester, but he also does landscaping projects on the side.  For the past several months, he's been working in the evenings to maintain a doctor's monstrous property.  Whilst weed eating the place last week, Tree Guy came across the nemesis of all utility workers:  dog poop.  Usually my man navigates clients' poop minefields with ease, but this time, he didn't see it 'til it hit him.   


Since I've been watching entirely too much Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, I'm inclined to think Tree Guy was set up.  Everyone knows there's a blood feud between utility workers and dogs.  Workers roll up on canine territory without permission all the time.  And landscapers are even worse.  They tear up the Canine Crew's turf!  It's like they're asking for a war.

I'm thinking the doc's dog must be pretty deep in the CRA (Canine Republican Army), because she sure knows how to set a poop bomb.  Since she doesn't know I'm Tree Guy's old lady, maybe I can make some connections for my own side project.

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