October 31, 2011


Nature Boy as a super scary (barefoot) werewolf.  Note to all you concerned grandmas out there:  (Nana, I'm talking to you!)  He only went Huckleberry Finn for photos.  I made him wear shoes once the candy harvesting began.

Tree Guy normally eshews Halloween costumes.  But he was in the mood to scare the kids in our new neighborhood this year, so he made an exception.

Shrinky Dink (the witch) and me (the soul sister). 

Tree Guy scaring the locals.

Next time I take Nature Boy to the Han house, I'm totally wearing this getup.


  1. LoveLoveLove the photos!

    I'll get my hillbilly costume ready..er..my regular clothes ready for our Han BBQ.
    Not that we're BBQing the Hans.

  2. Bahaha! Samantha, you crack me up. I think we should play Kid Rock during the BBQ. He's good at the whole soul/hillbilly fusion thing.

  3. I'm guessing the kids from your homeschool group spent the night burning poke-mon cards and making a list of pagans like you who have infiltrated their homeschool group?

    I heard a homeschooler in my group half apologizing for celebrating halloween. Ugh

    Looks like you had fun!