October 06, 2011

E.B.P. with a side of cake

I consider myself to be pretty low-maintenance when it comes to birthdays.  I don't require anything fancy to feel loved.  I prefer good, old-fashioned family time with its attendant people, food, and laughter.  (A customized birthday rap is always a nice touch.)  That said, I'm far too polite to actually turn down a present.  So thank you, family and friends, for providing me with ample opportunity to display my gracious acceptance of your offerings!  :)

Nature Boy woke me up (early!) to make me a birthday breakfast in bed.  I lazed in the aforementioned bed until neigh on 1PM, because I was finishing up The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick.  Loved it.   

Tree Guy bought me one of my favorite things, a Yankee Candle Company candle in this scent:

My guys made me dinner tonight.  They worked together to grill some burgers, with Velveeta Shells and Cheese and honey-glazed carrots on the side.  It was really sweet.  Nature Boy did most of the cooking, and he was very proud of himself.


After dinner, we took a carrot cake with cream cheese icing (my fave) to share with GC Brawler and Meemaw.  I was given a journal, a notepad, a heart-shaped mirror, and a silver filigree cross necklace.  (Woo hoo!) 

It's such a relief to me that my grandma is doing so well now that she's living with my mom.  She's getting excellent care (as well as getting her "hair did" on a regular basis), and I think she's actually happy there.  Check it out.

And to top it all off, my bestie, Shrinky Dink, came over with her crazy, out of control somewhat active and persistent puppy, Balto.  She gave me a present too (a nature-themed plaque with the Serenity Prayer on it). 


It truly was a happy birthday. 

P.S.  E.B.P. is an acronym I made up for the phrase Eye Ball Problem.  E.B.P. typically refers to a condition that causes strangers to stare at you for extended periods of time.  As in, "What is she staring at?!  I guess she has E.B.P.!"  A second, less common usage refers to an actual physiological issue with an actual eyeball.  Remember when I had poison ivy on my eyelid?  It was skirting E.B.P. territory.  I now have something else going on, and I need your armchair diagnosis.  See this?

A week or so ago, I developed a sharp pain and pressure in my eyeball.  I pressed on it in an attempt to relieve the pressure, and was rewarded with what felt like an ice pick to the ol' sclera.  And now I have this pink thing going on.  Any idea what it could be?


  1. Definitely a case of EBP...

    Happy birthday, Danielle!

  2. Happiest of Birthdays fellow Carrot Cake Lover (:

  3. First, Meemaw looks great..HAPPY!

    I scratched my eye before and it felt very much like you described. One of the worst injuries I've had.
    I got hit in the eye with a pancake. Seriously.

  4. Happy belated birthday!!!

    p.s. Your EBP looks like my EBP...but I rub me eyes on a daily basis. It's a wonder I have any eyelashes left. Crow's feet though...wowsa. They are massive.

    p.p.s. That dog's barracuda bite it hilarious.

  5. Happy birthday, Danielle! Your family really knows how to cater to a birthday girl. I love it!

    As for your EBP, I have no idea! Anytime I get an eye ball malady, it's almost always attributed to my contacts. But you mainly wear glasses, right? (I rule at playing Armchair Doctor, can you tell?)

  6. Happy late birthday my friend! Everything about your birthday seem fabulous to me, from the reading to the carrot cake. An I love that picture of you and Grandma.

    But I don't about the eye. Maybe a strange eye allergy. Hopefully it's better by now.