October 14, 2011


Life has been way too busy lately for this slacker mom.  Nature Boy was cast in one of the lead roles in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the local youth theater, so we have to attend every. single. practice.  That means a 50 mile round trip three to four times a week.  Whew!  (And you know Ol' Henry ain't what he used to be.) 

The bankroller in the family is all, "Do you realize it costs $5 in gas every time you drive to the theater?!"  And I'm all, "Sometimes we must suffer for our art."  And Nature Boy's all, "Maybe we should get a hovercraft."

I really wish we had youth theater opportunities in our city.  We used to.  Back in the good old days when my friend Byn over at 365 Days of Clean Eating wrote and directed children's musicals a mere 5 minutes from my (then) house.  From what I hear, our community theater isn't interested in children's shows because they aren't big money makers.  Whatev.  We showed them it could be done.



  1. Wow, that's dedication! I'm a slacker mama and complain about just doing soccer right here in our town.

  2. You're a great mom to drive so far! But what a fun thing for your son. Too bad there's no hovercraft.