February 05, 2011

Snow way!

I never believe the weather forecasters when they predict The Biggest Blizzard Ever!.  Too many times The Big One has been a little, piddly sprinkling of powder.  So when my best girlfriend suggested we go stock up on groceries at Walmart in anticipation of the coming snow storm, I pshawed it.  And was welcomed with the above sight the next morning.

I admired the Spongebob-esque way the snow determinedly clung to our door's nooks and crannies.  The three foot snow drift on our front porch (not shown in the photo above) was charming in its way.  My son and our snow-loving dog were excited.  I just wanted my sweet tea from Quik Trip.

We've been snowbound for the past four days.  And aside from my lack of sweet tea, I've enjoyed the forced break from regular life.  Today marks three weeks since we moved into our new house.  We're about fifteen minutes from "town" now, which is the country to those of us who are used to the Quik-Trip-on-every-corner suburbs.  Ordinarily, I like to get out of the house every day.  Somehow I drum up "errands" enough to make daily treks plausible.  I am decidedly un-green (red?) in my transportation usage.

So I'm surprised at how much I DON'T want to leave the house now that the snow is starting to melt.  The thought of getting back to my usual schedule and responsibilities is daunting.  It's been nice to hole up at home with my guys and my dog.  But alas, that greedy monster Walmart is beckoning and I can't resist the siren call of my QT sweet tea.  We'd better get out today because, in a ridiculous display of nature's bounty, it's going to snow again tomorrow.  And then again mid-week.


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  1. It's an amazing feeling to have a "snow day" as a grownup. To feel safely tucked away beyond your control and cozily warm as it blusters outside. For me, I'd risk it all if I ran out of coffee or cream for in the coffee.. other than that, I expect everyone else to "make do".