February 10, 2011

The cartoon wars

Did I really just post about love and whatnot? Well, I'm annoyed at Tree Guy right now because he won't be my personal slave and return our new table top to the furniture store in exchange for a new one. Our dining room table developed a warped water ring on it in the first week of use, which I find unacceptable in a brand new piece of furniture that is intended for dishes!

Since my husband is the designated handy man in the house, it falls under his jurisdiction to take the table apart and transport it to the furniture store. (Am I right, ladies?) However, in typical man-fashion, he has declared that since the water ring is now covered by a place mat, there is no longer a need to exchange the table. This line of thought is related to the man-specific practice of tossing dirty clothes a foot from the hamper, turning stained shirts inside out instead of changing them, and extending the 5 Second Rule into a full minute.

This after those fabulous chocolate chip cookies I made him!

And not only is he falling down on his manly duty, but he said I look like Fiona from Shrek in this cartoonized picture of myself.

So naturally, in revenge all fairness, I cartoonized him too.  And our witty (and perceptive) family and friends noted that he looks like Al Bundy from Married with Children.

So there!

P.S. Honey, please take the table back to the furniture store.  Even though I can't see the water ring, just knowing it's there will drive me crazy.  And you don't want that.


  1. Yep, that sounds like the men's department to me. My hubby would put it off, too, though. Or I would. I HATE returning even a piece of clothing to the store.

    Love the photos:)

    Thanks for participating in the Valentine's Day spotlight!

  2. You're welcome, Byn! I don't mind returning stuff, but the table is too big to fit in my car and no one else is allowed to drive my husband's work truck, so...