February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: My housework rap

Here's a little ditty I wrote back in January 2010.  (You'll have to supply the beat-boxing.)

Yo! I'm Danielle, and I'm a housework slacka.
I don't put stuff up. I'm an expert stacka.
A horizontal filer, a piler, an I'll-do-it-in-a-whiler.

As a result, I'm a clutter compiler.
I tried Fly Lady, but that plan is whack.
I attack the dog hair, but the hair fights back.
Why do boys' toys have so many pieces?
We give some away--still the number increases.
Cleanin's no fun, but it's gotta be done.
So I'll end this rap and go clean up some crap. Uh!

1 comment:

  1. Well my name's Marti and I'll pick up there
    Sittin' at the laptop with curlers in my hair
    My nemisis is paper--it multiplies
    In boxes, in stacks-es, hurts my eyes
    Got 3 kids who bring more every day
    Permission slips, schoolwork, stuff for PTA
    Got bills I'm payin' on line thank goodness
    'Cause lookin' for the actual bill is fruitless.
    Only have 2 cats, can't say my dog ate that
    My mom came over and stacked my piles, Jack!
    Better get on it now, been procrastinatin'
    But ADD's a gift, yo, so don't be hatin'!
    And Danielle's more than welcome to come over and help. Seriously...I'll put some coffee on.