February 19, 2011

I'd like to thank the little people...*

*Remind me to tell you about my former "little people" phobia.  I overcame it by watching a Little People, Big World marathon.  The Urban Dictionary dubiously lists the name of this phobia as Lollypopguildophobia.  Perhaps the true name is listed at The Phobia List.  (Is it weird that I have a list of phobias bookmarked?)

But back to the subject at hand.  I am blowing kisses and doing a pageant wave right now because Byn at 365 Days of Clean Eating recently awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thanks, Byn!

There are a few responsibilities that come with this honor.  In addition to linking to and thanking the granter of this award, Stylish Blogger Award recipients must share seven things about themselves and give the award to fifteen recently discovered bloggers.  (I'll highlight my top ten, because I'm the boss of me.)  Here goes:

1.  I once broke up a fight between a dog and a black wolf.  The wolf bit my arm.  I am now a werewolf.
2.  I threw shot put, played basketball, and lifted weights in high school.  I ate and smoked in college.  : /
3.  I love to read.  Especially historical fiction.  I've learned more history from reading this genre than I ever did in school.
4.  I was once sneezed on by an elephant.
5.  I wasn't a good flosser until my early 30s.
6.  I am a sweet tea addict.
7.  I was in commercials and musicals as a kid.

Some of my favorite bloggers are:

Tiff at freeplaylife!  She is a powerhouse of unschooling/photography/RV living coolness.
Hyperbole and a Half is the funniest blog EVAH!  I laugh until I pee a little.
The House Creative is inspiring eye candy.
Dysfunction Junction is Shrinky Dink's new blog.
I like the premise of I Married a Moron - And Survived!  Though not married to a moron personally, I've known a few...
Who wouldn't like Diaries of a Grumpy Grateful Mom?
Annie over at Pentriloquist calls it like she sees it AND she's funny.
365 little joys is a photography blog project recently launched by a friend of mine.  She's an awesome children's photographer, and her kids are seriously cute.
Belle over at Codependent Beauty has such a fresh blog.  It makes me happy just to visit.
Dontcha Wish You Could Blog Like Me? because she tells it like it is.  And she writes about poop.


  1. Thanks for the award! I must be a prodigy! Oh, and you forgot to mention the time you got bit on the nose by a wild piglet.

  2. Indeed...I do write about poop! ::snort:: Thanks for giving me the award! It is on my "to blog" list to do my award post tomorrow!

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Danielle! You have done some amazing things! I've never met anyone who has been sneezed on by an elephant. I have also learned most of my history from historical fiction:) Janae

  4. Oh yeah! I DID get bitten on the nose by a wild piglet. It was so cute and little that I thought I could snuggle it like a puppy. Then it bit me. It felt like someone pulled out my nose hairs. My eyes watered. I had a SCAB on my nose for a week.

    Animals LOVE ME!

  5. I'm so excited! I can't wait to read the blogs on your list!

    As for historical fiction... Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? I tend to fly through books, but with over 700 pages, it took me a little longer... and yet they each ended too soon. Now awaiting the 8th. I'll give you this warning - do NOT read the 7th until the 8th is released... it's a cliffhanger and will make you a little bit insane immediately after you turn the last page. *twitch twitch*

  6. I read the first one, Annie, and had a little PTSD afterwards. Couldn't believe what the male lead had to go through in prison! I really love the Into the Wilderness series by Sara Donati.