February 04, 2011

Life is funny.

So here I am, seven months into a blogging break.  And I miss writing.  I don't miss obsessing about html and the formatting of my posts (hello OCD!), but I do miss riffing on the crazy stuff that happens day to day.  So I think I'll give this blogging thing another go.  And I'll try to keep the crazy in the content rather than in the construction. 

I tried to recover my old blog, Wit & Whimsy.  But Google, bless it, makes it impossible to recover a blog when you no longer have the email account associated with it.  And I got rid of that email address, because it was a blog-specific email address and I didn't use it.  I was trying to simplify, yo! Ah well.

For my second foray into the world of blogging, I've decided to focus on finding the humor in everyday life.  There are a lot of crazy folks out there, y'all.  Nonsensical things happen all the time.   For some of us, each day is a comedy of errors.

And sometimes life is just too funny not to document.

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