November 22, 2011

Last call for Everyday Hilarity Writing Contest entries!

I know I'm not yer mama, but I'm gone nag you anyway because it is HIGH TIME, missy, that you sent your submission in.  Don't you know that the deadline is tomorrow?  You think the Blog Fairy's gonna fly in with your story all done up for you?  If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times that there ain't no sense in waiting 'til the last minute to do what you got to do!  Prince Charming ain't gonna ride in here on no white horse and carry you away to no castle!  Where is your head, girl?  Now, enough of this here fiddle-fartin'!  Just go on now and git 'er done.  And look here, Mama's gone make you a pie.  A PIE!  I shore am.  So get movin', little lady!   

That's a good girl, now.


  1. I wish that I had gotten around to this. The story I Woulda Shoulda Coulda submitted involved so many weird things all in one afternoon that only those who know me would have believed it -- knowing that I never make things up. Man, I would have loved to be in the running for fro wig. Sigh. --Mama

  2. Man, I missed this! But, it will be fun to see the winner.

  3. Well....a couple people entered past blog posts of theirs! Since both of you are full o' witty fun, you might consider that!