May 30, 2011

Tell me something good

It has occurred to me that I focus a lot on things that annoy me here at Yeah, I said it.  And you know, that's kind of the point.  As my tagline says, I point out life's absurdities so you don't have to.  (You're welcome.)  But I don't want y'all to think I'm all storm clouds and stinky socks.  Nay, part of the fun of being bipolar is that the good times are REALLY good!  And part of the fun of knowing bipolar people is that you get to come along for the ride!

It is a well-known fact my personal experience that as the days get sunnier, so do my moods.  And everybody likes that.  Why, come summer, I've been known to spontaneously break it down on my husband Dirty Dancing-style.  TMI, you might say.  But I'm talking actual dancing, preferably while my dear man is cooking dinner or watching a documentary or my personal fave, talking on the phone for work.  I think this requires a visual.

Click to enlarge.

I've also been known to sneak up on my son and his friends and scare them.  I creep to wherever they are and then jump in the room and yell, "RAAAAH!"  It always works.  And my son always says, "Sorry guys.  My mom's crazy."  I suppose I'll have to stop doing this eventually.  Tween boys find it funny, but I'm thinking teen boys might just find it creepy.  I reserve the right, however, to harass my son's future girlfriends.  Any girl for him will just have to accept the fact that a crazy mom is part of the package.  

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Anyhoo, I'm thinking that periodically I'll include something positive here.  Some things in life are absurdly good, you know.  (Like embarrassing one's children.)



  1. But crazy moms are cool moms, right? :)
    I can't wait until I can start embarrassing my kids.

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I can relate in so many ways. I have 2 adult boys and did similar things to them. I loved embarrassing them too. it was so much fun. My favorite was having a water fight with them in the kitchen!