May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday: When Mama ain't happy

Note:  I used to have a different blog.  It was my friend.  Then I got rid of the email address associated with it, which unbeknownst to me, also got rid of that Google account, which made it so that I couldn't resuscitate my old blog.  I did, however, save some of my favorite posts from that blog.  Hence, the Flashback Friday feature. 

This time I'm gonna take you back to July 16, 2010. 

Ever go off on somebody else's kid? Yeah, me neither.

OK, that was a bald-faced lie.

Actually it's happened twice with two different kids in the past couple of weeks. And while I can see that there were valid reasons for my annoyance, I would be totally miffed if someone yelled at my kid. (She says with a sheepish look...)  Here's my defense: In both cases there were four kids at my house, which is exactly three more than I usually have. I was overstimulated by all the noise. I told them to play outside, but these two mavericks kept coming right back in because of the heat.  (Which is totally a crap reason, right?)  And both kids were being little turds. Defiant, complain-y, smart aleck-y. They'd both been kindly and patiently warned told to cut it out multiple times. So they needed correction.

But it shouldn't have included the blowing out of ear drums and the straining of vocal cords. I could have kept my cool and still got my point across. (Although, have you ever noticed that some kids seem to think you're not serious until your eyeballs are bulging out and the spittle is flying?)

A confession here: I'm more tolerant of my own kid than I am of other people's kids (OPKs). I'm not a strict mom. I'm more "let's talk about this" than "obedience NOW!" That said, I turn into a drill sergeant around groups of kids. I guess I get overwhelmed. And not all OPKs respond to a cooperative parenting style. They don't respect people who aren't firm with them. So I am forced to oblige, see?

That doesn't excuse yelling though, so I apologized to both of the kids.

(Hopefully that won't take away their newfound fear of me. Mwahaha!)

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