August 03, 2012

Of free pants, fake war, and unattainable iPods

I met a new friend today.  She gave me kid shorts.  Six pairs.  From Land's End!  For FREE!!!! 

See, I'm thinking she knew I'm famous for my wildly popular blog, so she came up with a plan to bribe me to meet with her by offering me some shorts for Nature Boy.  Totally understandable, that. 

Just kidding.  None of that is true. 

Except the whole getting free shorts part.

We had tons to talk about.  I'd venture to say that she's as much of an animal lover as I am.  I "joke" that I couldn't live in a rural neighborhood because I'd call the Humane Society on people for not taking their chickens to the vet.  But she actually worked at the Humane Society.  That takes guts. 

Which gives me visions of us as a pink-and-purple-clad superhero duo, saving the furry and the feathered, one farm animal at a time.  I'll have to bring that up next time I see her.

Our pet-related reverie was interrupted by an irritated phone call from my husband, Tree Guy.  He and Nature Boy were planning to deploy for an Airsoft war at 5:30, so Tree Guy got antsy when Nature Boy and I weren't home by 4:30.  Sure, we hadn't eaten dinner yet, but still.  4:30 is a whole hour before 5:30.  We had plenty of time, right?  From my normally placid man, I heard a frazzled, "I don't know why you always go somewhere right before we have Airsoft!"  (Nag nag nag, etc...) 

I was chastened.  Because as we've established, Airsoft is REAL WAR.  And therefore, it is SERIOUS.

This reminds me of the time I asked my husband to help me get the groceries out of the car when he was having a raid with his guild in World of Warcrap.  Ahem.  WarCRAFT, that is.  I politely yelled, "I could use some help here!!!"  And he replied, "I'm doing a raid.  I have a responsibility to my guild!"


After 15 years of marriage, I have (pretty much) learned that when it comes to (fake) war, you'd best stay out of Tree Guy's way.

There were a couple more interesting happenings this evening.  One was this chat conversation with the ambiguously-named customer service specialist, Manish.
Manish:  Hello Danielle.  Thank you for contacting Amazon's Customer Service Center.  How may I help you today?

Me:  I bought several MP3s tonight and one of them will not download as an MP3. The rest did, but the Amazon MP3 downloader didn't work, though my computer says it's installed. I have to download them one at a time to iTunes manually, although I have it set to download to iTunes automatically. Not sure what's going on.

The song that isn't working is We Are Young by FUN.

Manish:  Hello, my name is Manish. I'll be happy to help you.

Manish:  Hi Danielle.

Me:  Hell.

Me:  OOPs!! HellO! LOL!

Manish:  I’m sorry your download of We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - MP3 Track didn't complete. I've re-sent your purchase to Amazon Cloud Player ( where you can try the download again.

Me:  Thanks. I didn't meant to cuss you out, Manish. Though trying to download each song manually to iTunes is a pain in the butt.

Manish:  I understand. I am sorry about that.  Is there anything else I can help you with today? 

Me:  Yeah.  Because the new song isn't showing up on my Cloud Player. 

Manish:  I am sorry about that.  I will re-send the song again.  Please click on the link above and re-download the song.

Me:  It's still not showing up!

Manish:  I apologize that you have had a negative experience tonight.  That doesn't usually happen.  I suggest that you delete the song from your Amazon Cloud player and purchase it again.  I will credit $0.99 to your account.  I am sorry about that, Danielle.
Me:  Me too, Manish.  Me too.


And the whole MP3 downloading flurry happened because I thought I was getting Nature Boy a new iPod Nano tonight off of craigslist.  A 5th generation Nano with a video camera.  The ad said, "MINT CONDITION!!!!!!!  $40, take it or leave it.  It's worth way more!!!!!!"

So I said to myself, OK, I'll take it. (SUCKA!!!)

I texted the guy, who proceeded to try to sell me a charger for it for $30.  Then earbuds.  And then our text convo went like this:


Him:  Uh, I'm starting to rethink the $40.  I've had some $70 offers.

Me:  You asked for $40.  Why would people offer $70?

Him:  I posted 3 different listings on craigslist.  Lol!

Me (thinking this is a bait & switch):  Nevermind.  :/

Him:  What about $50?

Me:  No thanks.  I'm doubting the legitimacy of this offer now.  You should go for the $70 offers.

Him:  Sorry.  Look $40 is fine.  I'm just trying to get as much as I can.  LOL.

Him:  How would it not be legit?

Me:  I don't mean to be disrespectful at all.  It's just that when you list a price, it should stay that price.  Otherwise it seems like a scam.   People scam people on craigslist all the time.

Him:  Okay.  I do not scam people. You can have it for $40.  I don't use it anyway.  I have an iPhone.

Him:  Didn't mean to make this seem like a scam to you.  It honestly isn't.

Me:  Are you an adult?

Him:  Uhm, I'm 17 and I'm trying to sell you an iPod.  Why should it matter?

Me:  Just wondering if youth and inexperience with craigslist is the reason for the price changes.  Rather than a scam.  (No offense.)  If the price is still $40, I'll take it.


And I never heard back from the little mother#%$&*r!

Guess I scared him off by asking his age.  Apparently he decided to protect his innocent iPod Nano from the creepy old lady on craigslist!

I am annoyed with people today.

(No offense.)

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