August 28, 2012

Vacuuming in the dark

I am a night owl.  It's my most productive time.  I think 2am is the perfect bedtime and I will bite your head off if you wake me up before 10 (OK, 10:30).  Even Shrinky Dink has to follow that rule (or suffer my wrath!).

We live in a new subdivision, so there are houses going up all around us.  Because of the hellish temperatures this summer (115 degrees!!!), our builder had the workers start at FIVE-FRICKIN'-O'CLOCK-IN-THE-MORNING for most of the summer.  !!!

BAM BAM BAM!  KNOCK KNOCK!  "HEADS UP!"  All morning long. 

(Which is, by the way, the very middle of my night's sleep.)

When I complained about it to my husband (who is a forester for the electric company), he said, "Normal people get up early!  I start knocking on doors at 7:30am." 


I pity the fool who knocks on my door at 7:30am. 

No wonder people set their dogs on utility workers.

I know they say "the early bird gets the worm", but I figure since I'm fully bankrolled by Tree Guy, I'll let him do the worm-gathering while I get my beauty sleep.    

It's win-win, really.

I have to say, though, that our differing sleep schedules really cut into my computer time.  Tree Guy goes to bed at 9 or 9:30, which is just about the time that I'm amping up.  Our computer is in the master bedroom, which means that my late-night blogging goofiness is severely curtailed. 

This is a very serious issue.

I tried sneaking in to blog after my husband falls asleep, but that just earned me several sighs and a growl.  Apparently I type loudly.

Selflessly, I tried typing more quietly, only to get in trouble for casting computer screen light upon his slumbering head.

People, hear me.  I can not win.

I'm thinking of suggesting couples counseling so Tree Guy can learn to be more considerate of my needs.



  1. Do you remember Dr. Ruth? That doesn't sound like your kind of problem, but somehow I like her loads better than Dr. Phil.

    I have my doctorate. It's not in psychiatry or any other mental health field, but that doesn't seem to stop loads of doctorate holders in sundry fields from setting up life coaching and the like (think Dr. Laura -- wasn't her doctorate in physiology?)

    So, this is Dr. Mama.
    Tree Guy is obviously totally inconsiderate of my need to read your blog.
    Oh, are we not talking about me?
    I wonder why you don't move the computer? I wonder if it's unsupervised access by 12 year old boys you are worried about? Filters, passwords or taking the power cord are known solutions for this.
    But somehow I suspect that's not hte problem.
    My marital harmony advice to you....laptop. I'm typing on a dandy Toshiba we bought for this trip at Staples for 350.00.
    This is Dr. Mama, signing off, until next time folks, Stay Healthy San Diego.

    (I have not less than a dozen pop culture references banging around in my brain.)

  2. Hahahahaha! Thank you for this gratis life coaching session.

    The computer's in our bedroom for now because my mom is living with us and is in our extra bedroom (formerly the office).

    Thing is, Nature Boy has a laptop and I don't! Maybe I should borrow his after he falls asleep! MWAHAHA!!!!!

  3. You could just put a pillow over his head. Sweetly. Lovingly.