July 14, 2012

Ode to my left nostril

It is with great pride (and a little WTH?!) that I tell you that my Nostril o' Awesomeness photo is on page 8 of Google images under the search "people with big nostrils". 

Pride that my fabulous left nostril is included in the Google images Hall of Nostril-Related Fame along with these folks:

And WTH?! because the size of my nostrils is surely the Standard of Normal.  Yet some abnormally small-nostriled Google henchman tagged my nostril art with "people with big nostrils".  The nerve!

What kind of person Googles "people with big nostrils" anyway?  (Besides me, I mean.)

Ooh!!!  I just Googled "people with awesome nostrils" and I'm on the first page!!!!!

(I forgive you, Google henchman.)

Now that my nostrils are famous, I'm sure that you will appreciate this nostril art.  Featuring my awesome, amazing, perfectly-sized nostrils (hear that, Google henchman?), and my similarly-nostriled mini-me. 

You're welcome.

1 comment:

  1. I love this! It's so weird. Like when I very first started blogging and I would read through "traffic sources" and found out that someone had come to my blog by googling Montel Williams. WTH?

    I am also starstruck by being friends with someone who made FIRST page on "AWESOME" nostrils.

    The Sicophant, aka Mama