June 18, 2012

Your weekly dose of shameless self-promotion

Blogs are, by nature, perfect platforms for shameless self-promotion. 

Look at my pictures!  Watch my videos!  Learn from my wisdom!  Laugh at my jokes!  Be informed about my policy on pinatas

And bloggers are just grown up little kids yelling, "Hey, watch this!"

(Or maybe that's just me.)

These wise (and completely true) pronouncements are my attempt at legitimizing my own tendency to self-propagandize. 

I'm just like everybody else, see.  We're bloggers, and self-promotion is how we roll.

Today is my mom's (GC Brawler) birthday!  She asked that I record a karaoke video of Adele's Someone Like You, so I did.  Normally birthday raps are more my style, but Tank shredded my Afro wig!  (@*#%$*&!) 

Happy berfday, Mom!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is really beautiful.... I'm not going to link this to my mom. I got her a sweater (her birthday's in august, but I'm an only child -- so who's she going to compare me to?) Thanks for sharing your many talents (: