May 19, 2012

A little corn with my flakes

So uh, instead of pondering for the entire summer whether or not I'll resume blogging in the fall, the decision took me all of one day. Because my impulsive ass doesn't need three months to methodically weigh the pros and cons and stew in the resulting angst.

Nay, with the help of my legions of blog fans (read: about 8 people), I've determined that this blog is worth continuing. I really do enjoy writing it. And let's not forget that reading my blog affects public policy, raises money for cures for obscure diseases, and shapes the very fabric of a generation. (I just made that last bit up.)

I still need to spend a lot less time online though. So what's a girl to do?

This girl has decided to stick with a summer blog hiatus and to give up my less rewarding online activities so I can continue blogging after the summer break.

Pinterest-schminterest. Youtube-booblube. Message boards--I can't think of one for those.

In the meantime, I'll be reposting oldies-but-goodies each week.

P.S. To get you in the mood for summer, here's a picture I took at the pool of the whitest guy in America.

You're welcome.


  1. You know the ubiquitous movie scene where the kid has run away/done something impulsive and almost died/otherwise put themselves into harm's way and their parents through an emotional hell of looking for them with a detective played by Morgan Freeman?

    Then they're reunited and the parent, who should be all mad because, without the impulsivity of their kid, they wouldn't be kneeling down hugging a kid who has a sooty face/leaves in her hair/1 handcuff dangling.

    And the kid says something like "So, you're not mad?" And the mother wipes that one perfect tear from her cheek (and you hate Ashley Judd because she's so freaking pretty even when she's crying and has been in the amazon searching for her child for 2 months.)

    And Ashley Judd Mom isn't mad at all because she's just so happy to have her little darling back.

    Well, let's just say, this is as close to Ashley Judd as I get and I feel for those folks over at Pinterest (but not really cause it's all about me and my needs for something good to read every day).

    Welcome back. I've decided this momentous occasion of your return calls for an Ode to Danielle on my blog. So, I spent all night creating one (more or less).

  2. Here is my ode to you.