January 30, 2012

In a homeschool rut

We love the homeschooling lifestyle.  I get to wear denim jumpers with tennies everyday and my guys shower me with gratitude for taking on the responsibility of educating our son.  Nature Boy speaks four languages and is working on a patent for his formula for non-toxic girl repellent. Tree Guy comes home to a clean house and a delicious warm meal every evening.  And one of our dogs is a math whiz.

Even with all of this, I am in a season of low motivation.  Meaning, I don't want to do any school.  Period.  Which would be understandable if we'd been busting our (intellectual) butts all year, but we haven't.  And that means I haven't earned the right, nay the privilege, to be burned out on homeschooling.  And neither has Nature Boy. 

Surely there's only so much burnout to go around, so we must be crashing somebody else's pity party.  Some other homeschool family has been slaving over textbooks and worksheets and book reports all year, while Nature Boy and I have been watching too much TV, playing at the theater, and baking crap that is totally screwing with my Weight Watcher's plan.  And here we are, taking away the only thing left to them--their right to feel burnout.

To them I say:  Sorry, suckers!  Can I have some of your energy and motivation, please?


  1. Oh dear the end of the post made me giggle. I have days like that too when I just can't get into the groove and my boys can't either. So as long as we are on the same page it's all good. Bake and have fun that is why we homeschool, so we can go at the pace our adorable kids need to go. Your energy and motivation will return in due time :-) Noooo don't let the baking mess with your WW thing, give it to a skinny friend who can use those lil buggers of calories. muhahaha.

  2. Ha! I haven't posted on my blog in over a month, but that was sooo going to be the topic of my next post..er..that is...if I ever got around to writing it!

    I'm in a rut too.

    I'm not burnt out yet; I have all this new to homeschooling (mental) energy that says "let's do all this "fun" educational stuff together" and "the boy" is like- "meh..I like it that you plan things, but I'm content just doing my own thing over here on my computer" (And he usually ends up learning the things that I was going to teach him). Its probably a good thing though, because I'm good at planning things, but fail on execution.

    I just feel so left out..waah...

  3. I love this post. I think the Unschooler Flu must be going around -- or maybe our shared low motivation is an off-gassing from our vinyl white tennis shoes. Enjoy your Latin Language Lessons today.
    You and your brilliant dog may be interested in this: http://youknowwhatmama.blogspot.com/2011/09/circus-poodle-trainers.html