August 15, 2011

The Ride

My mom wrote this poem in memory of my brother, Collin

The Ride

'Twas a grey, windy day on the prairie.
The old bull had covered some land
To see for himself a new legend;
To pay tribute to that breed of man.

"He was one with the bull!" said one fella.
"Unbelievable!" another replied.
So I came when I heard
And old hand speak the words,
To give you a riderless ride.

It's part of a family tradition
To honor fine talent that's died.
Knowing how very important
Life is for that eight second ride.

So long ol' son, and we'll see ya!
C'mon and cover this bull!
Smell the resin and leather!  Call for the gate!
The arena in Heaven is full!

The ride was now over;
The bull gave his all.
He'd put the boy's spirit to test.
With a tear in his eye, he looked to the sky
And said, "Goodnight," to the best of the best.

Kathy Casey

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