August 03, 2011

Drawerings: a sampling of my creative genius

It occurred to me tonight that I can write a blog post without illustrating it.  Imagine!  I confess that sometimes I don't post for awhile because I'm busying making drawerings to illustrate future posts.  It might surprise you to learn that my high class artwork takes a lot of time to do.  Like an hour per drawering.

There are three reasons for this.

1.  I am an artiste.  And as an artiste, I mustn't rush the creative process.  I am but a conduit for this greatness.  Mine is simply to wait, silently, as this amazing art creates itself.

2.  I usually have no idea what I'm going to draw when I begin.

3.  I have OCD.  Therefore, everything must be darn near perfect according to my idiosyncratic self-made rules of the day.  Not a cartoonized hair out of place, I tell you.

Sometimes I can't get my drawering to fit my standards of cartoon perfection, and they just stay like this for a long time.

Sometimes I get requests for cartoonized portraits, which adds extra pressure.  (Cartoons are serious, people.)  One time I got a request for portraits of three generations of women in a family.  Mom, daughter, and granddaughter.  Fortunately they resemble each other!

And you know, after growing up with exactly zero drawing talent, it makes sense that I'm a little picky about my cartoons.  For the first time in my life, my drawerings actually resemble what I'm attempting to draw!  (Thank you, technology!)  Prior to discovering the Paint program, this was as good as it got.

I like to call this one Hand.

And I'm proud to say that I've come a long way.  When I started using the Paint program, my technology-assisted drawerings didn't look much better than my doodles.

Six months ago


But don't despair!  With countless hours of wasted time sitting in front of your computer as dishes and laundry pile up, you too can achieve this level of artistic skill!  You too can field requests for free artwork!  You too can get the hairy eyeball from your husband when he comes home from work and you're still in your nightgown!

Or you can just keep coming here and basking in the glory of my creation.


*I drew this passive-aggressive cartoon for a blog friend over at The Zany Housewife.  She's hilarious.  And really, her husband brought it upon himself... 


  1. I'll just stay here and bask. I tried to illustrate the horror of tomato hornworms for you all, and my husband asked why I was drawing "green poop".
    Basking away in your artisteyness

  2. When are you going to give me a face, yo?

  3. I'm working on it, Shrinky Dink! (High maintenance...)

    Well, Samantha, you ALREADY illustrate your posts with tons o' awesome pictures! If I had your photog talent, I'd be doing that too!

  4. I am your self-proclaimed hugest artwork fan! I seriously love it! So when you are a famous artist I would like an acknowledgement stating that I am your hugest artwork fan. Also, I would like a framed copy of "The Hand."


    I swear to God, you got him perfectly. I love your art lady. You kick tail.

    p.s. I think I need more of your drawerings.

  6. Aww, GGM. I promise that if I ever write a book, I will mention you. You, my mom, and random preschoolers share an appreciation for my art. It makes me a little teary! *sniff*
    I think your love of Hand entitles you to a free drawering of your own. Any requests? :P

    Thanks, Zany. I had fun drawing your husband! Are you in need of some mother-in-law dissing artwork or something?