October 06, 2012

Berfday hilarity

I am so cracking up right now.

I was at Shrinky Dink's this morning, enjoying free coffee and homemade birthday cards (I'm 38!), when I decided to send a text to my old BFF from high school, Toni.  We haven't talked in a year or so, but I was thinking of her because I'd gotten out my old high school yearbooks to scan some pictures for my last blog post.  In one of the books, I'd written about Toni making a "bumlooker comment".  I don't remember the impetus or the context of the comment, but I do remember calling each other bumlooker (pronounced buhm-look-uh).  It made me laugh.

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So I texted Toni.

Me:  Bumlooker.
Toni:  Who is this?
Me (thinking, she doesn't have my number saved in her phone!):  Who is the only person who has a history of saying bumlookuh!? 
Toni:  No idea.
Me:  You're getting old!  It's Dani.  I wrote about us in my senior book and just read it this week.  I'd forgotten about us saying bumlooker until I read it.
Toni:  Dani who?  This is Stephanie.


My first thought was that Toni was just messing with me.  Pretending not to know who Dani is!  Har har.  But then I remembered that Toni doesn't joke like that.  So I texted again.

Me:  Really?  Hahahaha!  My old friend Toni must have a different cell number.  Oops.  SORRY!  Lol!
"Toni"/Stephanie:  That's ok!
"Toni"/Stephanie:  I actually commented on my husband's butt right before you sent that and I thought someone was in my house!  Lol!  Scared the shit out of me!  Hahahhaa.

Which made the whole thing doubly awesome.

We chatted a little more, she wished me a happy birthday, and I sent her a postscript that my husband has a nice ass too.

If she was local, I bet we could totally be friends.


  1. True story. I witnessed the whole thing. Including our author laughing to the point of wiping a tear or two!
    -Shrinky Dink

  2. Too weird. You'll be telling that story until you die.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, woman! <3 My guys made me a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. I ate way too much.

      I think I've met my lifetime quota of strawberry icing...

  3. Replies
    1. Stephanie!!! It was legit! Lol! And then, the next morning I got a text FROM A DIFFERENT NUMBER that simply said, "Bumlooker!"

      I texted back to find out who sent it, but there was no response!

    2. Update: The anonymous bumlooker text was from TONI!

  4. Love this story! Kinda creepy that you got an anonymous "bumlooker" text the next day though. Maybe Stephanie's husband thought that would be a funny joke? Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

    1. Thank you! I know!!! I found out today that the anonymous bumlooker comment came from the real Toni.

      Which means that she did, in fact, have my number saved to her phone.

      And which also means that I now have her new number... Mwaahaha!