October 11, 2012

Audition Vlog

So, this is one of those awkward videos filmed in a bedroom.

That didn't come out right.

What I mean is, you know how some folks on Youtube film makeup tutorials and singing videos in their bedrooms?  I'm sure it's because that's where their webcams are, but I've always found it a little weird/creepy.

And now now I'm doing one.

Bonus: If you look closely, you can see my gold tooth.


  1. That's was great! You have a beautiful voice! The nostril sistas looked like they were behaving to me. Good luck with the audition!

    Oh, and after I watched your audition song, I watched your Grammar Rap video. LOVED IT! Did you write that song yourself?

  2. Thanks, woman! <3

    Yes, I wrote it myself. I write all my own raps. I'm like Eminem that way. ;P