December 18, 2011

Meet Tank

He's 80-odd pounds of drool love.  And he's spending the next couple of weeks with us to see if he's a good fit for our family.  He loves people and wants to get to know our lab mix Raven, but she's all I will CUT you.  We're hoping that's a temporary thing.

Nature Boy is super excited.  Tree Guy cracks up at Tank's snorting.  (He's not so crazy about the drool trails though...)  And I like Tank's wiggly butt and stub of a tail.

We're counting on Tank to bring some joy and laughter during this sad time.  My mom, GC Brawler, wants to meet Tank, so I'm taking him to her crib in a bit.  I'll kiss my grandma while I'm there too.  Hospice says it won't be long.  We decided to have an early Christmas this year.  We celebrated at my mom's last night.  Meemaw was able to open her eyes long enough to see me and Nature Boy looking like crazy folk in our Santa hats.  I hope it made her smile on the inside.

Please say a prayer for my grandma.  And for us.


  1. I just posted my newest post and then popped over here before turning off the computer for the night -- that is one bad santa, but one super cute pooch (nature boy is good too,but I didn't post about boys, only dogs and santas). Good luck with poochie face -- I think he's a keeper xo

    BTW, any hope of you working toward reviving the christianunschoolers weekly meme that's now over on my blog? (:


  2. Saying lots of prayers and sending love to your family..
    Hoping Tank eases your hearts a little (and Raven stops wanting to knife him).