July 19, 2011

Guest Post: Mimi speaks about her Facebook addiction

Yeah, I'm still slacking with the old blog, but I figured I could insert a guest post here and still maintain my blog cred. 

Because I DO have blog cred, dammit.  I am certain that all 30 of my blog readers are at the edges of their seats waiting for the earth-shattering revelations to transmit from my brilliant, insightful mind to my agile fingertips.  (I'm just wondering why the convention organizers at BlogHer aren't jamming up my phone lines begging me to come speak.)


My mom, GC Brawler, wrote a ridiculously long wonderfully insightful Facebook note that I have stolen taken with express permission and excerpted here.  Well, half of it is here.  I might include the other half later.  Maybe.  If I feel like it.  (Which is likely because the second part says good stuff about me.)


The Joys and Foibles of Social Networking - Part I
By my mom, aka Mimi, aka GC Brawler, aka Badass Kas

I play too many games on Facebook.  Subconsciously, I have probably known this for some time.  What brought it to the forefront of my gray matter (Grey or gray? Ah, who cares?!) is that there's a new Zynga game that I just don't have time for.  My playa friends keep sending requests, and I keep ignoring them.

I get it.  I am a loyal gifter, and I always show up for the job.  But when gifting your family, crew, clan and neighbors takes the same number of hours as a part-part-time job...  You play too many games.

It all started when my son-in-law began to play Mafia Wars.  He needed some crew members.  "But Tree Guy, I don't want any new friends! I'm happy with the ones I have. In REAL life!"  With the cunning of a heroin dealer, he said, "You don't even have to play. Just set up an account and accept my game invitation."  Simple enough.

He and Danielle have long since quit playing and now I have two "families" and 803 mafia friends of my own.  I'm a level 865 Fearless player.  My mob name is, of course, GC Brawler.

I kick ass.

Facebook has given me much comic material to riff on.  The games constantly try to get you to pimp your friends into games and apps.  Pop-ups.  Annoying pop-ups:

"You need more friends. Invite friends."
WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK I MOVED TO AN ISLAND?!!  To get more friends?  Nope.

I got tired of walking into my living room in Yoville and finding people there that I didn't know! 

The pop-ups that annoy me in Treasure Island say things like:

"You found a lost turkey.  Can you help find him a home?"
Hell no! I'm on an ISLAND!  That sucker is dinner...

“You found a stash (hehe).  Share with your friends!!"
Screw most of 'em--only a couple ever stop by!!

Having no game time left got me to thinking.  (I think a lot.  Sometimes I even think important usable stuff.)  But thinking about how my life has changed since Facebook has been an eye opener. 

(End of Part I)

To read about how Facebook has given GC Brawler a new lease on life, check back for Part II.

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