July 09, 2011

Brokeback Poutin'

I feel like crap, y'all. 

So I've been taking a break from the online world.  I think I'm having an autoimmune flare.  I'm tired.  So tired that while pulling up in the driveway, I start mentally detailing every little burst of effort necessary to get from car to house. 

First I've got to push open the car door.  Then I've got to heave myself out of the car.  Then I have to reach back in the car and get my purse and the load o' crap in the passenger seat.  Then I need to walk to the door.  Then I need to put the load o' crap down and unlock the door.  Then I need to pick the load o' crap up and open the door.  Then I need to put the load o' crap down and shut the door.  Then I need to go collapse on the couch.  Oh, how shall I manage it all?!

What do I mean by an autoimmune flare?  Autoimmunity is a wascally wabbit.  It's hard to pin down.  In my case, it all starts with Crohn's disease, which is affectionately called inflammatory bowel disease.  (Sexy, I know.)

Autoimmune diseases are joiners, so when one shows up, others tend to follow.  My party crashers are Crohn's-related spondylitis and peripheral arthritis as well as fibromyalgia.  When I have a flare I experience fatigue, widespread muscle and joint pain, and sometimes low grade fevers and night sweats.

I get IV infusions of the biologic drug Remicade every 7 weeks.  It keeps Crohn's in check, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to help the arthritis and muscle pain.  Even though it's supposed to.  Stupid autoimmunity.
In addition to the usual craptastic blend of symptoms, I also seem to have a pinched nerve in my neck that extends down my back.   

Your regularly scheduled blog posts will return shortly.

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P.S. I'm too tired to obsessive-compulsively proofread this post, so pleez forgiv enny airers.

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  1. I have never met anyone who could be so funny when the are so miserable. Prayers for you my blog friend. Come back soon!