March 03, 2013

A long overdue update

I haven't been online much lately, y'all.  Still dealing with a sucky autoimmune/fibromyalgia flare, so I'm not as YAHOO! as usual.  More like, meh.

My super-awesome dog, Raven, has been taking it easy with me.  She's still Speedy Gonzales at 11.5 years old, but it seems that her last game of backyard tag with Tank resulted in a torn ACL for her.  Poor girl.  She was also diagnosed with arthritis in both hips, and with cataracts in both eyes.  She'd probably agree with Meemaw's oft-repeated lament:  "It's hell to get old."

Our vet recommended that we try 4-6 weeks of restricted movement and rest for her, with omega-3s and joint supplements and a couple weeks of Rimadyl to see if her leg will heal on its own.  We're 3 weeks in, and she is showing some improvement.  She's a lady o' leisure now, as you can see.

Oh, and Shrinky Dink found my first "official" grey hair.  Wasn't it, er, white of her to point it out?

In other--completely unrelated--news, I am now the mother of a TEENAGER!!!!!!!!

How do you feel about that?, you ask.  Well, a little bit like this:

TIME GOES BY TOO FAST, PEOPLE!  I absolutely can not imagine my kid driving in a few years.  And I definitely can't imagine allowing him to ride around in a car driven by one of my friends' hooligan kids!  He only has 5 more years of homeschooling until he graduates!  And then who will I be?  I "tease" my husband that I plan to deal with Empty Nest Syndrome by relying on pets.  Bring on the pets!!!!!  (He laughs, fearfully.)

I also feel like this:

I'm so happy that my son still hugs me and holds my hand.  That he says I understand him.  That instead of recoiling from my middle-aged momishness, he just explains to his friends, "My mom is crazy."

Whatever works, kid.

Yeah, but how do you feel about the Terrible Teens!?, you persist.

I'm happily in denial.  I figure, since I was a sweet, placid, rule-following teen myself, Nature Boy's teendom will go smoothly.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Stay tuned for a birthday-related bruhaha post coming up!


  1. Poo Raven girl...ACL tears can be a beast.
    I found my first white hair at 23. After that shock, you're done and over it and can move on. LOLOL

  2. Hi Samantha! Have you had any experience with letting ACL tears heal on their own (without surgery)?

  3. Your relationship with Nature Boy is inspiring!! I can only hope that Chooch grows up to be as cool of a kid as he is. ;)

    I started getting gray hairs shortly after Chooch was born, in my late 20s. It's not TOO noticeable because my hair is light, but I know they're there.

  4. Ahhh... Poo on the "teenager doom" people. I still haven't seen it. Of course maybe its because I compare my children's moodiness to my own and none of them have come close!!! Maybe that's the solution, if you, as the parent, are a bigger PITA than any teenager, they don't seem that bad??? Jk, I love my kids.

    My annoyingly cuddly children are still affectionate and cuddly. You know my 'momma's boy' son. He'll be EIGHTEEN (ACK!) in a couple of months and he STILL hugs me, even when his public school friends are around. Go figure.

  5. At least... you HAVE hair.

  6. Well, if having a PITA mom is the solution to the teenager doom thing, I've got it covered too! We're setting a new standard of normal, Byn!

  7. Aww, thanks, Erin. It wasn't always like this! We had the whole Terrible Twos (and Threes and Fours and Fives...) thing. It really does get easier! I'm sure getting headbutted by a teenager is much more painful than when a 3 year old does it, so I'm glad we got that out of the way. LOL!