February 01, 2013

Back to your regularly scheduled programming: 5 Things I Love

I don't know about y'all, but I'm in need of some positivity right now.  Making the decision to leave my homeschool group after 7 years and answering all of the questions about my reasons has me a bit down.

So, I bring you:

#1.  Dogs.  

They're sweet, friendly, and loyal.  They make me feel safer.  I can't imagine not sharing my life with a dog. These two are especially awesome.

#2.  Babies.

They're all adorable.  Big-headed, big-eyed, sweet-smelling, wrinkly, chubby little gnomes.  This one is my all time favorite.

#3.  Beady Earrings.

Some women feel incomplete without mascara or lipstick.  I've gotta have my earrings.  Tree Guy makes almost all of mine!  (Isn't that sweet?)  He's even tolerant(ish) of my OCD need for symmetry!  Here's a sampling of my Tree Guy-made earrings.

#4.  Simple Shoes.

These sneakers are a cushiony, adorable, and eco-friendly alternative to Converse.  (The soles are made of recycled tires!)  And bonus, they are wide enough for my cave girl feet!  I love them!

Urgent Update:  MAN!!!!  I just discovered that this line of shoes has been discontinued!  Dang it!  Sorry Tree Guy, but I need to stock up now....  (Cha-ching!)

P.S.  I love you, honey.

#5.  Books.

Who doesn't love books, right?  I usually have 3 or 4 going, all left open at random places around the house.  I'm currently reading the last book in an awesome fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.

What do you love?


  1. Alright, I won't tell Spencer! :-P

    I love that your Tree Guy earrings are on a TREE!

    Now, 5 things I love...
    Babies, definitely. Probably ranging from birth to 18 months is my favorite range.
    Talking about all things birth/early motherhood

  2. I love books, golden retrievers, Starbucks coffee, and unexpected alone time in my home. : )

  3. Amen, sister! What kind of books do you like to read?

  4. I was always super skeeved out by babies (even after having my own!) but lately I've been all about them. Which scares me!

    Thats awesome how many books you've got going! I don't read NEARLY as much as I used to. :(

  5. in no particular order based on a few minutes of procrastinating through a flu-like fugue -- books, old books, used books, book stores (new and used), serendipitously discovered new favorite books. homeschooling with really wonderful living books. audiobook listening while my girls make art. my planner. my husband. going to the library with grace because she loves the library so much. blogging. getting notes from good friends. reading other people's blogs -- not every other person's, just some persons' -- like yours. reading my Bible in the early morning hours before all of my favorite people get up. a first cup of really good hot coffee. laughing hard. new ideas. well, my time is up. i don't know what to make for dinner. pizza man to the sicko's rescue, i'm athinkin. yeahisaiditblog makes my fav lists (:

  6. Ooh, coffee! That's a good one! I sure hope you're feeling better this week.

    Thanks for reading my oft-neglected blog.... <3

  7. Oh yeah, writing! Duh! I enjoy that one as well. And sweets. Of course. Especially PB kisses....