September 20, 2012

Confession: I'm cheap. And clothing-clueless.

I am all about a great deal.  Especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. 

I found a new sleeveless black dress with tiny white polka dots for $7, count 'em, SEVEN dollars last week.

I go sleeveless in tanks in the summer because it's hot, but I prefer to cover my man-arms in cooler weather.  So I went searching the clearance racks for shrugs yesterday. 

(Nature Boy absolutely LOVES when I go shopping during the day.  He is my homeschool hostage!!!!  MWA-HA-HA!)

I found a teal shrug for $2 at a plus size consignment store that I've been wanting to check out.  TWO DOLLARS, people!

I'm so proud.

My mom says teal doesn't go with black and white polka dots.  I saw pshaw!  Who's with me?!

However, pairing the dress with an unconventional color is presenting me with a shoe dilemma.  I have a chunky black pair of Mary Janes, but since my calves are similarly chunky, I don't think they'd work with a dress.  I also have a sexy pair of black Crocs, but somehow I think that pairing would be unwise.  And I don't really want another pair of black shoes.

So I searched all the cheap-folk aisles at several stores until I found these.

 (cue angelic music)

They have memory foam inside!  (OOOH!)

And they're on sale for $27.99!  (AHHH!)

Wait a minute.  $27.99 does not mean "deal" in my vernacular.  (C-H-E-A-P.)

So wise women, weigh in on my kicks conundrum.  Is it crazy to spend $27.99 on shoes to go with a $9 outfit? 

Or is it genius?

P.S.  I'm having an OCD moment.  Do teal shades have to match?   


  1. I feel like I am actually taking this seriously. Should I? Who knows, but here goes. I think that if you don't have a pair of nice girly shoes that go with a dress, skip the teal ones and go get some nice ones in black (:

  2. Yeah, it's crazy. But it was actually a serious post! LOL! I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl, so I really am clueless when it comes to dresses and non-flip flop/tennis shoe/Croc shoes.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. I LOVE that dress! And the sweater! I have to admit though that I am a sweater fiend.

    I don't pretend to know fashion, because I lack in that department, but I personally would wear a pair of cute black flats. Ones that don't trip me up when I get the stubs a movin. Oh who am I kidding...I'll still end up tripping.

    Picture of you wearing above outfit perty please. Let's see it all put together!

    1. Ahhhh! The pressure! :)

      The problem with a picture is that I still don't have shoes to go with it. But I plan to take the advice of mis amigas and get black shoes. Flats are more my style than heels, but if I can find a comfy pair of black peep toe kitten heels--it's on!

      I found another shrug/sweater that gives the dress a different look. It's black with silver buttons and shirred short sleeves.
      $8 at Ross! I am in cheap chick Heaven!

      Thanks for the advice, Z!