March 24, 2012

Day at the museum - part I

Since the whole McDonald's Playplace thing didn't go so well, Shrinky Dink and I decided to cap off our kids' Spring Break with a road trip to a really cool natural history museum.  The morning started with the usual goofiness from me:

The usual crazybusy multi-tasking from Shrinky Dink:

And the usual happy road trip anticipation from the kids:

What was mercifully absent from the drive to the museum was the usual arguing, kicking, slapping, I'm-not-touching-you, are-we-there-yet, toy-snatching, and food-begging from the kids.

It was awesome.

We stopped for lunch, and amazingly, no food fights erupted.

Since it's Spring Break, the museum had some special activities planned. Like face painting. Only, no one was actually painting faces. They just set the grease paint nubs out and let moms, dads, and grandparents go to town. Fortunately for Shrinky Dink's shorties, their mom is quite the artist. (For real. You should see her paintings.) She spent 348656 hours painting the faces of her 3 girls while Nature Boy complained about having to wait around for them.

Stay tuned for Part II (wherein we actually--finally--get our museum on).

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