April 11, 2013

Dude, Where's My Youth?

Tonight will be our second practice for Godspell.  The first practice was a meet-n-greet and a sing through of  the musical score.  Godspell has some awesome songs!!!  We gone be breakin' it down up in that performing arts center!  I like the cast too.  Lots of music folks and theater peeps, which makes for interesting conversation.  (Kind of like going to gay karaoke.  Which I was totally going to do with the fam tomorrow night, but then my gay karaoke-going friend Byn, who invited us, flaked out because she's got to do something boring instead.  Something about going to the screening of her daughter's new movie, To the Wonder.  Lame.)  Just kidding, Byn!!!!!!  Here.  I'll post a hot picture of you and your husband to show how sorry I am.)  (I totally stole this off Facebook.)

Anyhoo, back to Godspell.  When you audition for a part, there's usually a form to fill out with all your info.  On this form, there's a place to write which part you'd like to audition for.  It had been so long since I'd done musical theater, that when I auditioned for Oliver!: The Musical last fall, I filled in that section with "Wherever I fit the best!"  Professional, eh?  Seriously, I was just grateful to get a role in Oliver.  My audition skills were rusty, I was nervous, I'm chubby and arthritic now, so my dancing skills are lacking, etc.

I felt so lucky to get a part with a solo!  Relearning all that musical theater stuff was humbling for me.  It'd been 20 years!  It was Theater Bootcamp.  But I loved it.  I totally caught the musical theater bug again.

So this time, I chose a more challenging audition song (Feeling Good) and I was more prepared and confident at the audition.  I done good, if I do say so myself.  (Shameless.)

I even (canyoubelieve) listed the role I wanted on my information sheet.  I really, really like the song, Turn Back, O Man, so I wrote that I wanted to audition for the role of Sonia.  A saucy, sassy bluesy flirt.

I didn't get the role of Sonia. It went to a saucy, sassy, bluesy, 20-something young lady. I was cast as Peggy, an adulterous earth mother type. Which makes sense, since most of the cast is 20-something, and at one point, Sonia tells Jesus, "Come here Jesus! I got somethin' to show ya!"  Our Jesus is a young college student, so a middle aged Sonia hitting on a 20-something Jesus would be totally inappropriate.  (Whereas a 20-something Sonia hitting on a 20-something Jesus makes total sense.  Am I right?)

I'm not bitter.  The casting is excellent for our show.  And I am definitely more the earth mother type than the hooker type.  Lesson learned:  Don't choose a role to audition for just because you like the solo.

You're never too old to learn something new, folks!

I just want to say that I am so proud of Nature Boy.  There are 11 principal (main) roles in our show, and he got one!  Even though the rest of us are adults.  He is that good, y'all!  Not sure if we'll be able to video any practices for this show, but if so, I'll post them here.

Love you guys!  Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. Is there a girl named Amanda in it who got a principal role?