January 17, 2013

Holy DNS Settings, Batman!

Techie people, I am in awe of you.  You are modern day Einsteins.  I have no idea what the hell you do, but I am certain that it is amazing. 

I finally decided to spring for a custom domain name for my blog.  It's a shorter name, which makes it easier to give people my blog address.  Now, instead of the really long and probably forgettable www.yeahisaiditblog.blogspot.com, folks can just type in www.yeahisaiditblog.com.  Or for the really lazy/efficient, just yeahisaiditblog.com.  Yay!

It's such a simple thing, right?  WRONG. 

I purchased my domain through Blogger, with the assurance that when you purchase a domain through Blogger (with Google Apps, who partners with GoDaddy or eNom), everything comes configured to work with Google products.  It should all work seamlessly, lied Google.  Tech-clueless me believed it would be that simple. 

And the sneaky Google henchman behind the curtain laughed at my naivete.

For four score and seven years 3 days, I fought valiantly, trying to convince, manipulate, beat, and bribe Blogger to publish to my new domain name.  And it was all, No. I don't recognize you or your authority here, ma'am.  Be gone.

Then it tried to trick me, Rumpelstiltskin style, by giving me some ridiculously long verification code that wouldn't work in my DNS settings as a CNAME.  So, per the recommendation of a techie guy at my domain registry company, I entered the code as a TXT.  And that didn't even work! 

(Is it me or did I sound like Charlie Brown's teacher in that last paragraph?)

I KNOW!!!!!  I've been editing and adding A records and CNAME records and TXT records and slamalamadingdong records for 3 days now, and I still don't know what any of that means.

It's incredibly confusing.  It's a language I don't speak.  The language of GENIUSES, people.  And we can't all be geniuses, you know?

Which is why I am grateful that techies exist.

Especially female techies.

After 4534 emails (which might be a slight exaggeration) and one fruitless telephone conversation with a techie guy from my domain registry company, and at least 4534 tears, I finally got a solution to my problem 15 minutes after my first interaction with a WOMAN.

She had me send her a screen shot.  She looked into Google Support Forums.  And she went in and fixed that long verification code by removing a period at the end that is not supposed to be there, GOOGLE.  Then she changed it from a TXT to a CNAME.  (I know.  Whatever that is.)  And magically, it worked!!!

Hallelujah!  (For real.) 

Note:  I don't think you have to change any of your settings to keep getting notifications about my blog posts.  A TECHIE WOMAN is on the case (*cue superhero music*), so it should all work like magic now.  If it doesn't, let me know.  (And I will revoke her Woman card.)


I will be adding the Disqus commenting system, so my legions of readers can have a more user-friendly way to leave comments.  (Which you will totally do more often, right?) (Because I really, really like getting comments.) (And I will totally reply to them.) (Signed, Comment Ho.) 


  1. Yep. Working with the technically challenged tech can be very frustrating. That period at the end thing? Very common when communicating by email, which is why I don't put a period at the end of a domain name. Glad you found a person who asked for a screen shot. That was pretty darn smart. Course, I would have asked to have you forward me the email, and then asked what it was you were typing EXACTLY. I've worked with endusers for longer than Dodger has been alive. Seen it before.

    1. See, I didn't even know you were a techie genius, Chester! Next time I'll just ask you!

  2. Dear Comment Ho,

    I am so no-techie-fied that I think YOU'RE a hero for even thinking about doing anything different. Never mind the folks who help you. I guess I've found out that super heroes do need super heroes sometimes.

    You are in a superstrata that I can't even see.
    But I'm used to that.
    Because my nostrils are so forgettable.

    Your Personal Sycophant

    1. You leave the BEST COMMENTS!

      You're already in the cool crowd just because of the red hair. Everything else you do is icing.

      Your Mutual Admirer

    2. I like you. I am glad your personal sycophant told me to check you out. I don't even know what your blog is about yet but you're funny. See you again soon.

    3. Aww, thanks Jen! My blog isn't really about anything in particular. Just irreverent postings on the funny stuff about real life. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Big ups to you for going at it on your own! When I made the leap from LiveJournal to my own domain in 2007, I honestly did nothing other than flick my wrist at Henry and then suddenly I had a blog. I actually wish I had been more involved with the process because I doubt he's going to remember to leave me instructions in his Will.